2016. március 2., szerda

Kelly Oram: Get Lucky - Cover Reveal!


Sziasztok! :)
Ma egyik kedvenc íróm, Kelly Oram új könyvének a Get Luckynak a borítóleleplezésével készültem, plusz egy fülszöveggel és egy extra jelenettel a könyvből! Egy kis infót előtte még megosztanék veletek a művel kapcsolatban, ugyanis Kelly ezen regénye igazából nem is regény, ha nem egy antológia ami 6 rövid történetből/novellából áll, az ő, illetve 5 másik író keze által. A fülszöveg elolvasása után, nekem elég érdekesnek tűnnek a történetek, szóval biztosan el fogom majd valamikor olvasni, ha sort kerítek rá. :) Amúgy a borító is elég jó lett szerintem, be kell valljam imádom az ilyen láblógatós borítókat. de nem vagyok láb fesitiszta ezt azért szögezzük le :P A könyv megjelenése 2016 március 17. napjára várható, Szent Patrik napjára, ha valakit esetleg pontosabban is érdekel. :) De nem is húzom tovább a szót, nézzük is a borítót!


Doubles Love by Ali Dean - Mackenzie Bell loves two things: tennis and the Kendrick family. She doesn’t want to be anything like her mother, who hops from one husband to the next. It’s one of many reasons why she’s never dated. The other reason? She’s in love with her best friend’s older brother, Jesse Kendrick.
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not by Kristen Kehoe - Kennedy Russo has had it rough. She's become a pro at being invisible. But when she's paired up for a 5 week assignment with golden boy, Gage, she starts to realize that anonymity may not always be the best option. Gage is on a mission to make her his friend, but will their tentative friendship bloom into something more?
Stroke of Luck by Cassie Mae - Jensen is well on his way to the PGA, if only he could focus. Getting stuck with his best friend as co-counselor at the golf camp will help—Penny’s always been one to push him. But when their alone time turns romantic, Jensen wonders if she’ll just be another distraction.
Someone I Used to Know by Tessa Marie - Charlotte was not looking forward to Spring Break. No technology and a boy she can’t stand. But when she realizes the boy is actually a hot guy now, and wants to hang out with her (!) she cant help but think this break may turn into something pretty awesome. But, is he harboring a secret that will challenge their budding relationship?
16 Kisses by Kelly Oram - All Cassie Caldwell wants for her sixteenth birthday is to finally be kissed. When Cassie’s older brother and his best friend—the lovable, sexy cowboy, Jared—discover her secret, Jared takes it upon himself to make sure her birthday wish comes true.
Four Letter Words by Ginger Scott - Dakota Wright has been making Jace Padgett look good for years…and she’s tired of it. What started as a favor has turned into a habit—one that she’s justified in her mind because Jace also happens to be six feet of gorgeous hunky quarterback, green eyes and a smile that can swing a girl to the moon. But the last favor she did for him may have finally tipped the scales, and Dakota’s ready to call it quits. One small hiccup—her heart can’t seem to let her. And when Jace starts to share pieces of the real him, Dakota begins to think her heart might just be smarter than her head after all.


Exkluzív betekintés: 

“Scott Williamson, huh? That’s setting the bar pretty high for the rest of us,” Wyatt said.
I should have seen it coming from the second they sat down, but it was still a shock to realize they were talking about kissing me. I blinked at Wyatt. “The rest of you? Like, as in you, you?”
Wyatt gestured back and forth between him and Asher with a laugh. “As in both of us.”
“Well we heard about your birthday kisses, and we’re hoping you can help us settle an argument.”
Asher folded his arms and with a completely serious face said, “Who’s the better on-stage kisser.
”Selena, giddy at this new development, squeaked. “Yes! She’ll totally do it!” I glared at my traitorous
best friend and she rolled her eyes. “Oh my gosh, girl, if you don’t I will. Now go.”

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